COVID-19 Update

PIKSAB Immigration wants everyone to stay home as much as possible. Please follow public health guidelines, and only seek medical advice from regulated doctors and healthcare professionals.

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What’s closed?

Our offices in Canada and India have now been temporarily closed due to COVID-19. It is business as usual when it comes to appointments, paper work, and filing applications.

What’s open?

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Super Visa

Super visa is the multi-entry visa up to 10 years granted to a person who is a parent or grandparent of Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. The holder of super visa can stay in Canada for up to two years.


  • Have ties to home country.
  • Invitation from Canadian host.
  • Purpose of Visit.
  • Family, finances and the overall economic and political situation of the home country.
  • Undertaking from child or grandchild to support you financially.
  • Income requirement of child or grandchild.
  • Medical exam and Canadian medical insurance for at least 1 year.