COVID-19 Update

PIKSAB Immigration wants everyone to stay home as much as possible. Please follow public health guidelines, and only seek medical advice from regulated doctors and healthcare professionals.

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What’s closed?

Our offices in Canada and India have now been temporarily closed due to COVID-19. It is business as usual when it comes to appointments, paper work, and filing applications.

What’s open?

Appointments by call or email.

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Visitor Visa

Most people require a visitor visa to travel to Canada. One may also need a visa while transiting through a Canadian Airport on your way to your final destination.

Visitor Visa Requirements

  • Need a valid travel document/passport.
  • Be in good health and may require a medical test.
  • Have enough funds to cover the stay in Canada.
  • Back home ties such as job, family, financial assets, home etc.
  • May need a letter of Invitation from a friend/relative in Canada.
  • Intent to leave Canada at the end of authorized stay.
  • Not inadmissible.

Visitor Visa Exemption- Certain foreign nationals do not require a Temporary resident visa, but an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) may be required.